U.S. owned and operated, DSI Spaceframes is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of
structural and architectural steel space frames sourced from certified U.S. materials.


DSI Spaceframes’ Exclusive Space Frame System

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System III is the most versatile and attractive forged steel ball and tube system available today. With virtually unlimited span capability, this exclusive space frame system offers the world’s largest span and longest cantilever. As a result, it allows architects and engineers to build just about any design configuration—from flat structures to organic shapes.

As with any typical ball and tube space frame system, members are always in tension or compression, evenly distributing the flexing load. And while the most commonly used module size for the System III space frame system is 8′ to 15′, it can be designed in any module size or span.

Easy Configuration And Assembly

When using the System III space frame system, a structure is modeled in the computer. Next, DSI Spaceframes’ proprietary program assigns length and sizes to all members and prints the program for the CNC node-drilling machine. This ensures accuracy in manufacturing and construction. All components are then manufactured in house by DSI Spaceframes employees using domestic materials. Once shipped to its final destination, the space frame system is erected on-site.

System III can be manufactured with a powder-coat finish or be hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

To view product drawings and specifications

To view product drawings and specifications

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