U.S. owned and operated, DSI Spaceframes is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of
structural and architectural steel space frames sourced from certified U.S. materials.

Space Frame Designs

Create Distinctive Yet Economical Entrance Canopies

When looking to make an impactful first impression, there’s no need to re-create the wheel. Companies with multiple storefronts or locations are turning to space frame designs because they are easily repeatable and therefore economical.

As a space frame manufacturer, DSI Spaceframes specializes in entrance canopies for hospitals, schools, hotels, and event centers. The company has worked with numerous franchises to develop distinctive designs for their individual brands that can be re-created consistently on buildings in any locale.

One reason is because space frame designs allow for interesting shapes—space frame structures are constructed from interlocking tubular members and spherical nodes that create geometric patterns and decorative trusses. Space frame structures also are able to cover large spans with minimal supports, making them ideal for entryways where an aesthetic look is desired but function is important, as well.

Space frame designs are an affordable alternative to other forms of steel frame construction, making them popular with businesses concerned with their bottom lines. Space frame structures are rigid but lightweight; and individual pieces are galvanized or powder coated with the industry’s best finish to withstand harsh weather. As a result, they are ideal for use anywhere in the country.

Plus, space frame structures are easy and quick to install . Space frame designs are laid out on the computer at DSI Spaceframes’ offices, then all elements are manufactured in the factory; precut, packaged and delivered; and assembled on site. No field cutting or welding is required. This makes replicating a pattern simple and efficient.

The only U.S. space frame manufacturer, DSI Spaceframes works with clients large and small across the nation on repeatable designs, managing projects from start to finish…design, manufacturing and installation.

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