U.S. owned and operated, DSI Spaceframes is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of
structural and architectural steel space frames sourced from certified U.S. materials.


Space Frame Fabrication Process

This is where the magic happens. We take the approved plans of the space frame design modeled in our engineering software and transfer them into DSI Spaceframe’s proprietary software. This technology assigns length and sizes to all members and generates the program for the CNC node-drilling machine, ensuring accuracy. All components are then manufactured in DSI Spaceframes’ Illinois factory using domestic materials. Each member is cut exactly to specifications automatically and then stamped with a number that coordinates with the master plan.

Once all items are fabricated, the pieces are laid out to create the desired shape within our facility. At this point, parts are hot dip galvanized, powder coated or colored…based on the approved design that meets the aesthetic vision set forth by the architect…for an industry-best corrosion-resistant finish.

Finally, bolts, sleeves and pins are assembled by hand so that the space frame structure is ready to be assembled when it arrives on site. To prepare for shipping, all members are stacked and wrapped in foam, and nodes are crated, and the packages are ready to be transported to their destination anywhere in the world.

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