U.S. owned and operated, DSI Spaceframes is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of
structural and architectural steel space frames sourced from certified U.S. materials.


Share Your Design Vision with DSI Spaceframes

From a napkin sketch to line drawing…the first step to creating a space frame structure is to share your ideas with us. As an architect, what is your vision for the finished project? As an engineer, what issues are you facing in bringing the vision to life? As a general contractor, have you found the most cost effective way to build? If the structure was designed using an alternative building system, have you considered a space frame?

DSI Spaceframes can let you know almost immediately if a space frame is the right fit for your particular application. They work exceptionally well for buildings where long spans of open area are needed, like sports arenas, warehouses, convention halls and exhibition pavilions, and entrance canopies. They also are ideal for complex architectural designs, organic shapes and decorative accents. Space frame systems are often used as support for solar panels and open road tolling equipment, as well.

Send us a picture or line drawing of what you are trying to create and our experts can work with you to determine if a space frame will offer the right aesthetic and is feasible within the scope of your budget. With more than 30 years of experience, our team is well versed in the cost and structural benefits that space frames afford.

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