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Pikesville High School

Space Frame Entrance Canopy Creates A Modern First Impression At The Renovated Pikesville High School

Colimore Architects Incorporated


Completed in 2016

Project Highlights

Having opened in 1964, Pikesville High School was one of Baltimore County’s oldest public schools. Fifty years later, it was sorely in need of upgrading to provide a comfortable learning environment for area students. As part of a larger renovation project, Pikesville High School received a facelift that modernized its entrance canopy—and completely transformed the building with a sleek, contemporary design that hinted at the advancements inside. The lofty, cutting-edge look of the entrance canopy was achieved by the use of space frames, engineered and installed by DSI Spaceframes. The space frame structure sits atop large, two-story cement block pillars and supports the roof while seamlessly blending the outside with the inside. The exposed space frame armature also visually heightens the glass-encased entryway. Today, the steel space frame entrance canopy not only serves its function of shielding students from the weather, it also continues to create a welcoming sense of arrival for Pikesville High School.

Entrance Canopy / Structure, Schools, Structures
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