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Gulfport Inspection Canopy

Steel Space Frame Construction Sets The Tone For The Port Of Gulfport’s Striking Entrance Canopy


Shaw Design Group


Completed in 2014

Project Highlights

When the Mississippi State Post Authority (MSPA) needed to rebuild the Port of Gulfport after storm damage from hurricane Katrina, it took the opportunity to also enhance and improve the more than a century old property. Part of this initiative was to create an impactful main entry that signified this dynamic port for the future. The ideal solution for the security gate complex’s entrance canopy was a steel space frame structure because it allowed for long expanses of column-free construction. As a result, trucks and semitrailers can easily pass through the terminal gatehouse checkpoint via three inbound and three outbound lanes. Space Frame construction also withstands wind and inclement weather, making it suitable for use along the Mississippi shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. The Port of Gulfport is the third busiest container port in the U.S. Gulf, handling 250 vessels and more than 2.5 million tons of cargo each year. It also is a Strategic Port designated by the Department of Defense. The entrance canopy serves as an elegant transition between the industrial port and neighboring seaside community. When illuminated at night, the security gate complex’s entrance canopy is striking from far as well as near.

Entrance Canopies, Security
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