U.S. owned and operated, DSI Spaceframes is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of
structural and architectural steel space frames sourced from certified U.S. materials.

Entrance Canopies

Space Frames Allow For Architecturally Interesting Entrance Canopies
Project Highlights

When a project calls for a distinctive entrance canopy—whether a storefront, hotel, hospital, school, office building, or event center—a space frame often is the answer. That’s because steel space frames can cover large spans with minimal supports. As a space frame manufacturer, DSI Spaceframes specializes in entrance canopies, working with franchises as well as individual companies to develop designs to distinguish their brands. Entrance canopies are functional—they provide shelter from the elements for visitors, guests and even automobiles. And when built with space frames, they also can be decorative. With architectural forms such as curves, barrel vaults, domes, and pyramids as well as rectangular and flat, space frame entrance canopies are aesthetically appealing. This wide range of configurations is possible because of the modular nature of DSI Spaceframe’s System III forged steel ball and tube system. Contributing to the popularity of space frames for entrance canopies is their low maintenance. Pieces are galvanized and powder coated so no painting now or re-painting later is required. And if one section ever does need to be replaced, just that section can be repaired without disrupting the entire structure. DSI Spaceframes structures are earthquake, hurricane and tornado approved, too.

Canopy, Emergency Room Entrances, Entrance Canopy / Structure, Hospitals, Porte-cochère
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